Spinal Touch

Distortion of the spine results in undue tissue pressure on the nerve roots as they emerge from the vertebrae. When this pressure is upon autonomic nerves the function of organs governed by those nerves becomes impaired. Spinal Touch – one of the the ‘light touch’ group of therapies – uses a simple plumb-line to show where the centre of gravity actually is as opposed to where it should be. Spinal Touch therapy works by giving correcting signals to the muscles, the affected muscles being instructed via a light massage of about 170 points on the body. On receipt of correcting signals the muscles relax, permitting the release of held-in toxins. As the muscles return to their proper position and tension, the spine is allowed to adopt a correct position once more and pain subsides. Spinal Touch has no contra-indications. It is safe, drug free and non-invasive.

Spinal Touch is especially beneficial if you are suffering from:

  • Back pain
  • Muscular discomfort
  • Spinal & Pelvis Problems
  • Sports Injuries
  • Skeletal pain
  • Neck and shoulder problems

Spinal touch relieves pain in all areas of the body through gentle manipulation of the spine. It can realign posture and it also complements traditional treatments. Reiki Healing is also available to aid speedy recovery from back, neck and shoulder pain.

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Member of the M.I.C.H.T also the U.K.R.F. I am a VTCT World Class Level-3 qualified Holistic Therapist.