Card Readings

Totally believing in ‘FATE’ everything happens at a specific time in life for a reason, believing this, if you have been attracted intuitively to my website and are reading this, then fate may have attracted you for my guidance .

Very young, I didn’t realising it was sensing spirit .

Twenty years ago I discovered Reiki healing, being attuned to a Reiki Master/Teacher level . This encouraged my search to learn about all things Spiritual.

I’ve attended many classes over the years, with experienced Mediums/ Psychics and have developed my skills .

Having a meditation class of my own for over three years, I’ve hopefully helped others Develop their abilities too. Having felt my life purpose at that time was to guide others on their spiritual journey.

For many years I have read Angel cards, with good empathic results, the cards depict what situations are happening at a particular time in a life. If I’m able to guide clients through their life difficulties, and pass on messages from loved ones.

My intuition works with me through feelings also pictures in my minds eye, which complete the story.

Many blessings.

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Member of the M.I.C.H.T also the U.K.R.F. I am a VTCT World Class Level-3 qualified Holistic Therapist.